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About Us

AGP S.r.l. is a team of people who have worked for years with passion in the field of plastic materials, colors, additives and plastic filaments. Our daily mission is guarantee to 3D printers users the most beautiful color, performing material, amazing visual effect and the most absolute precision: in short, the best possible result!

What we do


We produce kilometers of 3D printers filament every day.

PLA and ABS are the materials that we mainly use, in many different colors.

We provide different effects such as glitter, pearlescent, fluorescent, photoluminescent...


Every meter of wire coming from our production department is subjected to automatic and human controls to ensure that the diameter and color comply with your expectations.

Colors, Effects and Materials Development

We have available a folder of colors and effects virtually infinite.

Not enough?

Hundreds of other colors and shades are quickly available.

Still not enough?

One of our strengths is color matching: do you want a custom color and visual effect? We will produce the corresponding filament.

We work with different materials to meet your technical and aesthetic requirements: PLA, ABS, PA, PBT and more. We collaborate with universities and public and private laboratories to try new materials, fibers, fillers and additives to always offer you the more advanced products.

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