Quality check

We produce high quality filaments directly in our Villafranca d'Asti factory with surprising colors after a careful selection of raw materials.

Printability of the filaments as well as chromatic uniformity have fundamental importance in order to provide a constant material over time.

Systematic and continuous controls of process and product allow to obtain diameters and colors that meet your expectations.

A four-axis laser measuring device ensures continuous dimensional control of the filament during production.

All our filaments are tested before commercialization.

We process different materials to meet your technical and aesthetic requirements and we are always looking for new materials, fibers, fillers and additives to offer you always the more advanced products.


Feel Color allows to customize the filament starting from RAL® or PANTONE® specified by you!

Are 1 Kg spools too small? We can supply spools up to 2.5 Kg!

Can't find the material you need? Contact us and we will develop together the most suitable product for you!

All these customizations starting from a minimum order of 20Kg

Spools size

Dimensioni bobina 300g
Dimensioni bobina 700g
Dimensioni bobina 1 Kg
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