About Us

Yes, we are a filament manufacturer… but we like to think of ourselves as the people who can color your imagination and spring a new life into your 3D printer. Behind Feel Color there is team of dedicated people working in the fields of plastics, colors, additives and high tech filaments since many years. We are experienced… but not obsolete!

Our Mission


Our goal is to provide YOU: 3D printer manufacturers, 3D printer users, both professional and amateur, with outstanding filaments, innovative and reliable materials, surprising and exciting colors, amazing visual effects and a precision level never seen before in this market.

Besides PLA, ABS and Polyammide 6 (Nylon), which are already available, we are currently testing and ready to introduce HIPS, PVOH, Flexible Thermoplastics, High precision Compounds, Composites containing Marble, Wood and Metal powder… and many others.

We are also actively working with material suppliers and Universities all around the world to bring into the arena the most up-to-date and unexpected materials, in order for YOU never to get bored with your 3D printing experience.

Quality, Colors, Effects and Materials Development

We have almost 100 colors already ready in our portfolio… and they stay the same: the new spool will precisely match the old one. You know well that this is not as simple as it sounds.

If this is not enough, we can easily and quickly provide YOU the filament with the color of your choice, thanks to our leading experience in coloring plastics.

Still not enough?
YOU can have your filaments with a pearlescent, a fluorescent, an iridescent shade… or make them bright in the dark, changing their color with temperature or into the sun light, resist to the exposure to moisture, extreme UV radiation… and even fire and gamma rays, in case YOU want your 3D printed objects to last for centuries! We bet you do.

Furthermore, each filament diameter is calibrated by a double laser in the x-y direction for its entire length with a tolerance of no more than 5 microns and automatically and accurately rolled on the spool to assure YOU the most relaxing 3D printing experience: YOU can go to bed knowing that your job will not stop while you sleep: it will be finished in the morning without any scar, nor flaw. For sure, one of the best way to start a new 3D day!

And the spools are made by fine-looking, translucent oxo-degradable PP, taking advantage of the eco-friendly d2w® “controlled life plastic technology” by Symphony. Because you care, and we do as well.

YOU are into tiny, precious things and 1 kg is too much? YOU can buy 700 or 300 g spools.

YOU have instead grand projects and 1 kg is nothing for YOU? We have 2.5 kg spools.

YOU need still something more? YOU cannot find it yet in the website?

Please ask: we want to be part of your creativity.

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